There are 14 members of staff including PhD candidates.

  Assoc Prof Václav Čadacada [at]

The head of the Department of Geomatics. Successful leader of many national projects. A member of the Czech Union for Surveyors and Cartographers, Committee for FIG and the Czech Association for Geoinformation (CAGI).

Research activities: surveying, computer cartography and GIS.

  Dr Otakar Čerbacerba [at]

Experience with European projects (e.g. Humboldt, SDI4Apps, Habitats, Plan4all). An expert in one of the INSPIRE Thematic Working Groups.

Research activities: cartographic outputs in computer and thematic cartography, ontology, linked data, markup languages and their use in digital cartography.

  Dr Radek Fialafialar [at]

Research activities: digital terrain models, orthophoto accuracy, evaluation, photogrammetry.

  Dr Karel Janečkakjanecka [at]

Research activities: spatial databases (Oracle Spatial), data analysis, data consistency.

  Dr Karel Jedličkasmrcek [at]

An experienced researcher that participated in many EU projects (e.g. OpenTransportNet, DataBio, GEPAM) as data modeller and technical manager. Traineeship at ESRI Redlands, CA (2003). PostDoc internship at TU Delft (2014).

Research activities: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), multidimensional data modelling according open standards (e.g. INSPIRE, CityGML, etc.) ~ particularly data structures for Smart Cities. Specialized in the areas of 3D GIS, Building Information Management (BIM) and traffic modelling.


  Dr Jan Ježekjezekjan [at]

Experience with European projects (e.g. Humboldt, Plan4All, Plan4Business) as a software engineer and technical manager.

Research activities: information visualization and geovisualization for big data

  Dr Martina Kepka Vichrovávichrova [at]

Research activities:

Dr Tomáš Mildorfmildorf [at]

A project manager at the Department of Geomatics. Responsible for writing applications into H2020 and other funding schemes and coordinating projects at the department. An experienced manager of large EU projects with more than 15 partners (e.g. Plan4all or SDI4Apps) as well as an evaluator of EU projects. Traineeship at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Ispra (Italy) – Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Spatial Data Infrastructure Unit (2007-2008).

Tomáš is the chairman of the Plan4all association (UWB is a founding member of Plan4all). He is a reviewer of the International Journal of Geographical Information Science and an editorial board member of the International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era.

Research activities: Infrastructures for spatial information, geospatial terminology and standardisation.

  Prof Pavel Novák – panovak [at]

The head of the European Centre of Excellence (NTIS) and the Geophysical models and geoinformatics technologies research programme of NTIS.

Research activities: Geophysical modelling

  Dr Martin Pitoňákpitonakm [at]

Research activities:

PhD candidates:

  Ondřej Dudáčekodudacek [at]

Research activities:

  Pavel Hájek – gorin [at]

… Intership at TU Delft 03-05/2014.

Research activities: 3D modelling, semantics, data acquisition, GIS, spatial analysis, data management, data visualisation

  Michal Kepkamkepka [at]

Research activities:

  Veronika Myslivečková vmyslive [at]

Research activities: