Geomatics at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic



Daniel Beran – dberan [at]

Daniel graduated from the University of West Bohemia (UWB) at Faculty of Geomatics in 2018 with an Ing. degree (eq. to MSc). Since 2014 he has been active in various H2020 projects (OpenTransportNet, PoliVisu, DUET). In 2015 Daniel joined the Traffic Modeller team working as data manager and GIS analyst. Since 2018 he is undergoing a PhD study program at the UWB exploring classification of LiDAR point clouds. In 2018 and 2020 Daniel was a guest researcher at TU Delft and TU Wien respectively. He is a part time GIS teacher at Pilsen highschool of civil engineering. He has experience in GIS, traffic modelling, 3D visualization and point cloud processing.

Daniel has been a mentor for several INSPIRE hackathon teams (e.g. Valmiera 2018, Nairobi 2019, Prague 2020).


Assoc Prof Václav Čada – cada [at]

The founder and former head of the Department of Geomatics and successful leader of many national projects. Václav is a supervisor of numerous bachelor, master and PhD students.

Václav is a member of the groups designing the Strategy of the Spatial Information Infrastructure Development in the Czech Republic to 2020 (GeoInfoStrategy) and the Digital Map of Public Administration. Václav is a member of the Czech Union for Surveyors and Cartographers, Committee for FIG and the Czech Association for Geoinformation (CAGI).

Research activities: Surveying, cadastre, computer cartography and GIS, military surveys of the Habsburg Empire, building information modelling (BIM) and spatial data infrastructures.


Assoc Prof  Otakar Čerba – cerba [at]

A senior researcher that participated in many national and EU projects (e.g. SDI4Apps, Plan4all, Peregrinus Silva Bohemica). Otakar is the member of the board of Czech Association of GeoInformation and the Commission on Maps and the Internet of International Cartographic Association. He completed internships at the Technical University Vienna (Austria), University of Nebraska Omaha (USA) and Food and Agriculture Organization (UN) in Rome (Italy).

Research activities: Otakar is experienced in thematic and web cartography, spatial data modelling (for example INSPIRE specification Natural Risk Zones), Linked Data on the geographic domain and semantic issues of geographic data, including geo-ontologies. He teaches courses on thematic cartography, geographical cartography, geography for geomaticians, history of maps and mapping and GeoWeb.


Dr Pavel Hájek – gorin [at]

Pave is a researcher at the Department of Geomatics as well as Mobility coordinator and IT technician. He participated in several EU projects such as OpenTransportNet, GEPAM or Peregrinus Silva Bohemica mainly as data modeller, especially a 3D data modeller. Doctoral internship was taken at TU Delft (2014).

Research activities: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), multidimensional data modelling – especially 3D data handling, cartography and visualisation, 3D GIS/CAD/BIM.


Dr Karel Jedlička – smrcek [at]

Karel’s research’s theoretical background lies in modeling, analysis, and even simulation using multidimensional (geographic) data structures. In particular, Karel actively researches on 3D and 4D aspects of Geographical Information Systems. Primarily Karel focuses on the following application domains:

  • analysis of trends in climatic and weather data for agricultural purposes, and
  • influence of transport to the city life, by designing and developing interactive traffic models for Digital twins of Smart cities.

Karel has been leveraging his skills in various (usually EU funded) projects since 2007. Karel usually acts as a leader of a research or technical team in the project. He has participated, namely in Stargate, EUXDAT, AfarCloud, and DataBio projects related to agriculture and in DUET, PoliVisu, and OpenTransportNet projects related to Smart Cities.


Assoc. Prof. Karel Janečka – kjanecka [at]

The head of the Department of Geomatics and the president of the Czech Association for Geoinformation.

Karel has successfully participated in many European and national projects. He is a member of the ISO/TC 211 and member of the FIG 3D Cadastres working group (joint commission 3 and 7 activity). He completed internships at several universities, e.g. Oxford (UK) and TU Delft (NL).

Research activities: 3D Cadastre, Spatial Data Infrastructures, 3D GIS, Building Information Modelling, Spatial Databases.


Dr Martina Kepka Vichrová – vichrova [at]

Martina is a researcher and project manager that participated in national and EU projects (e.g. Peregrinus Silva Bohemica, GEPAM, EXLIZ, NEXLIZ, SciCom) as project manager, old maps expert and cartographer.

Internship at Österreichisches Staatsarchiv- Kriegsarchiv in Vienna (2007).

Research activities: processing and data analyses of old maps, cartography


Dr Tomáš Mildorf – mildorf [at]

A project manager at the Department of Geomatics. Tomáš is responsible for applications into the H2020 programme and other funding schemes and coordinating projects at the department, mainly in the fields of agriculture, rural development, transport and spatial planning. He is an experienced manager of large EU projects with more than 15 partners (e.g. Plan4all or SDI4Apps) as well as an evaluator of EU projects at the Commission. He was involved in numerous EU projects including Plan4business, OpenTransportNet, DataBio and AFarCloud. Tomáš did a traineeship at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Ispra (Italy) – Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Spatial Data Infrastructure Unit (2007-2008).

Tomáš is the chairman of the Plan4all association (UWB is a founding member of Plan4all). He is a reviewer of the International Journal of Geographical Information Science and an editorial board member of the International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era.

Research activities: Infrastructures for spatial information, geospatial terminology and standardisation.