Geomatics at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic


Project title: Uptake of Open Geographic Information Through Innovative Services Based on Linked Data (SDI4Apps)
Co-funded by: ICT Policy Support Programme
Call and objective: CIP-ICT-PSP-2013-7, 2.2a Open Data
Grant Agreement No: 621129
Duration: 04/2014 – 03/2017
Total budget: 4.07 million €
Consortium: 18 partners / 9 countries
SDI4Apps portal:

SDI4Apps aimed to stimulate innovation and business activities around geographic information and open data. SDI4Apps developed tools that enable easy access to and sharing of geographic data and information by different communities. The communities include general public, researchers, students, mobile application developers and public servants.

» UWB coordinated this project and led semantic activities in support of the pilot applications. «

The following schema visualises the overall aim of the project which is data integration from various sources (upper part of the schema) and reusing data for various applications (lower part of the schema) including crowdsourcing.