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OGC Discussion Paper on GeoDCAT-AP

OGC has recently published a discussion paper, a documents that presents technology issues being considered in the Working Groups of the Open Geospatial Consortium Technical Committee.

The key topic of the paper is the GeoDCAT Application Profile, an initiative trying to combine the DCAT metadata as they are used in the open data and e-government community with the EN ISO 19115/57/19 standards and the INSPIRE metadata as they are used in the geospatial community.

The discussion paper is a result of concerted effort of several specialists and results of numerous EU projects includingOpenTransportNet, DataBio and PoliVisu.

  • OpenTransportNet – a transport related project that was executed by Geomatics@UWB
  • DataBio – a bioeconomy focused project executed by Geomatics@UWB
  • PoliVisu – a policy design and innovative project executed by the Plan4all association which was founded by UWB

The discussion paper can be found on this web page:

And here is a direct link to the PDF version of the document:

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